Our dishes
The Menù of the agriturismo restaurant, comes from the fantastic products of Abruzzo, grown in our organic farm or in other small farms with which we cooperate.
Not only dishes of the tradition like: pasta and chickpeas with dry sweet pepper, meatballs cheese (pecorino) and egg, but also a bit of imagination: pesto di rucola with little tomatoes and mozzarella, pesto mint and zucchini, flan of potatoes and peppers with basil sauce and many other dishes.

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Spring festival
Every year in April, we celebrate spring with an outdoor party of colors, scents, flavors and music.
Vintage markets, workshops, biological markets, music, arranged with friends for one day lead to Campoletizia their activities and their passions. Do not miss.

Festival of herbs
On 4 and 5 May 2013 was held in Campoletizia the first (first in a long series) edition of the Festival delle Erbe.
Organized together with the Association of Olis Michele Meomartino. The Festival of herbs is a two-day: workshops, meetings, conferences, herbal walks, markets, all themed herbal.

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Our menus are prepared with organic products, for the most part, from our farm or other farms of Abruzzo. Flours and pasta are made with old varieties of wheat: wheat Solina, saragolla durum wheat, durum wheat Senator Cappelli, Farro.
Products such as Tea and coffee coming from the circuit of the fair trade